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"Turbo filler 6"""

Item #: GFZXXX800209

Type 400

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Weight: 57 kg
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Forwarding agent - group 2
Turbo filler for turbo suction arm »type 400«
6 inches

The turbo filler can be attached to any vacuum tank using the suction flange of the suction slide with 4 screws. It is equipped with an industrial oil motor for continuous high-pressure output. The suction power of the turbo filler is about 4000 l/min.
The turbo filler can be used not only for suction, but also for applying manure.

The filler forces the manure into the container. This results in less wear and the tank is filled to 100%, even with thick-flowing manure.
The pump can also be turned on and off while driving (double bearing, oil motor outside).

100% suction power can only be guaranteed if you have an oil capacity of at least 50l.
Incl. hydraulic components

Not suitable for docking device!!!
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