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Now even more individual Which bunker filler should it be?

With our Fliegl product configurator, you can put together your personal bunker filler in just a few minutes. All you need to do is follow the steps in the configurator to combine the features your woodchip bunker filler should have. Decide for yourself which trough width, output, screw conveyor and pipe length your bunker filler should have! This is made individually for you and delivered to you in no time or ready for pickup. Now test our configurator and create your individual bunker filler!

With the new configurator, we aim to address all your customer wishes and ensure your complete satisfaction. Innovation is in our nature and, with this in mind, we would like to offer you the opportunity to try our new product configurator! It allows you to take the necessary steps to fulfil all your individual wishes. Why not try it for yourself? We're sure you'll be impressed!

Bunker filler type A

The base

With a trough width of 2.30 m or 2.80 m, your wood chips will reach their destination safely and reliably. With a pipe length of up to 6 m, you can select an incline from 0° to 90° to suit your individual needs. In addition, you can attach a head distributor to the riser pipe at a 90° angle, which will ensure even distribution into the bunker. It is also possible to attach a 45° or 90° junction. With variable discharge on the left or right, you will benefit from a delivery rate of up 1 m3/h.

Bunker filler type B

Through the middle

The bunker filler type B can be configured with an incline of 0° to 45°. While the bunker filler only offers central discharge, different pipe lengths and a 2.30 m or 2.80 m trough width provide welcome assistance and ensure reliable transport of your wood chips. In addition, this bunker filler offers a delivery rate of up to 1 m3/h and features an electric motor that is bound to impress you with its performance.

Bunker filler type C

Just straight out

This bunker filler offers lateral discharge on either the left or right. The incline varies by pipe length. You can also choose to add a 45°or 90° junction. All this combines to offer a delivery rate of up to 1 m3/h. Moreover, the bunker filler has a trough width of 2.30 m or 2.80 m, thus offering plenty of space for your wood chips.