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Now even more individual In a few steps to your own side wall

Individual and practical – with our Fliegl tailboard configurator, you can put together your personal tailboard in just a few minutes! Follow the easy steps in the configurator to get the best result. You decide, which side-, front- or back tailboard your tipper has to have. Those are getting individually produced for you to pick up from our store or getting delivered straight to your door. Try it out now!

With the new configurator, we want to fulfill your needs even more precisely. We are thinking innovatively, that's why we want to give you a new product configurator. Try it out for yourself!

Basic tailboards

The basis of everything

With the help of our basic tailboards, you can upgrade your tipper with ease! Raw, unprocessed steel profiles are the core of your tipper. Our large assortment makes the decision more easy and delivers the perfect product. As a basis for further upgrades, the basic tailboard is necessary. Therefore you can build a perfect, stable construction that will easily deal with further upgrades.  

Top tailboards

For everyone who wants more

The top tailboard by Fliegl is extremely robust and can not only be used for agricultural projects. Even car trailers can be equipped with them. To make the upgrade easy for you, you have to have a basic tailboard mounted already. If that's the case, you can mount a top tailboard without a problem. With the top tailboards, you get a much larger volume and you can also configure your tailboard depending on the use.