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This advisor for steering devices contain the needed informations for you. Here you can compare the steering valves with each other and filter the different characteristics for your fitting product.

A sign instruction for steering valves should offer you help especially inside the product details. This way you can choose your preferred steering valve to order it.

Fliegl shows you the right direction Control valves

SD 4

Flow rate max. 45 Liters / min.
Consumer R3/8
Pump, tank R3/8
Pressure max. bar 240 bar

SD 5

Flow rate max. 45 Liters / min.
Consumer R3/8
Pump, tank R1/2
Pressure max. 250 bar

SD 11

Flow rate max. 70 Liters / min.
Consumer R1/2
Pump, tank R1/2
Pressure max. 315 bar

SD 14

Flow rate max. 120 Liters / min.
Consumer R3/4
Pump, tank R3/4
Pressure max. 315 bar

SD 18

Flow rate max. 160 Liter/min.
Consumer R3/4
Pump, tank R1
Pressure max. 315 bar

Explanation of symbols for control valves

Item #: HSVWAL110008

SD 11/3/18/513/513

The sign instruction is shown in the product details

/1   /2   /3   /4   /5
Number of tax pistons (lever)
Double-acting with spring reset
Single-acting with spring reset
Double-acting with rast in floating position
Single-acting with spring reset, unlocked in middle position


Double-acting with rast at "lift" with pressure switch function


Single-acting with rast at "lower"

Before installation of steering valves there are following points to consider

- The valve can be mounted in any mounting position.

- The valve may only be mounted on a flat surface.

- Never spray the valve directly with a high-pressure water jet.

- When painting, make sure that all openings are closed by screw plugs.

- When installing, make sure that no dirt etc. enters the valve.