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Now even more individual Which sweeper should it be?

Which sweeper do you need? Of course one that meets your expectations. With the configurator it is possible to produce the perfect sweeper for you. Your work, your money, your sweeper and our job. Step by step you build your individual sweeper and we create it for you individually.

In this regard, we want to be innovative and offer you this new product configurator. This is a small step in the right direction to innovate your individual wishes. Try it and convince yourself.

With our new product configurator, we would like to respond even more precisely to your individual wishes.

From the beginner

Broom Lion
For every mission!

One device many application possibilities. With our new »Lion« you can sweep, push and even both at the same time! In just a few minutes, the hot-dip galvanized broom "Lion" is ready for use, as no hydraulic connections are required.

Municipal sweeper machine
So that even sweeping makes fun

The strong interior motor of the sweeping machine Kommunal, which powers the sweeping roll, ensures an efficient workflow. Therefore, the Kommunal fits perfectly for sweeping stones or movable silo walls.

Sweeper machine KEH 500
The classic one!

Our all-rounder in robust and compact design is your perfect helper for cleaning at the farm, stable and heavily polluted roads. In addition to the four available and configurable working widths, there are still numerous accessories that make your sweeper your individual problem solver!

To the professional

Sweeper machine Type 600
For the dose of extra power

This sweeper is especially suitable for heavy duty on construction sites and large areas. With the robust broom (Ø 600 mm) and the practical plastic bristles, there are no problems in use. Through a continuous adjustment of the broom, this can be completely used up. One of the special advantages is the robust machine housing.

Profi sweeper machine
The 'cream of the crop' for experts

Your Profi sweeper machine is not just called like that, but lives up to its name. As a professional, this machine is ideally suited for particularly tough applications and also for near-edge sweeping. In addition, it is possible to perform in free sweeping mode. In general, the sweeper itself is equipped for extreme conditions and manages these with the help of three heavy-duty wheels.

PowerPro sweeper machine
With full power ahead

The PowerPro mainly deals with heavy dust. For example, this sweeping machine is the perfect help during the maize harvest. Additionally, it is perfect for cleaning stalls and movable silos, thanks to the integrated heavy-duty bucket. Only one sweeping round is necessary to eliminate big and hard-to-remove dirt. After that, the machine can be emptied without any problems.