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Sweeper »Lion« with 8 rows of plastic brushes

Item #: KEBFLI250005

2500 mm

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Forwarding agent - group 3
  »Lion« from Fliegl
Sweeping and shovelling in a single step
One device for many applications. With our new »Lion«, you can sweep and shovel, even at the same time. With no hydraulic connections, the hot-dip galvanised »Lion« sweeper is ready for use in just a
few minutes. The high-performance brushes are arranged, saving you 3/4 of the time required when using rotating attachments. Our powerful brushes guarantee maximum cleaning performance and a long service life. Ground guidance is enhanced by the wide contact area of the sweeper brushes. The Fliegl »Lion« makes light work of sweeping and cleaning your workplace. In winter, you can use the angled pushing blade to clear snow while also sweeping away the residual snow left behind.   Features:
  • Sweeper with eight rows of plastic brushes
  • No hydraulic or mechanical drives required
  • Installed in a fl ash and immediately ready for use
  • Quick and simple brush replacement
  • Eff ective sweeping without dust formation
  • Extremely robust support frame with combined Euronorm and forklift mounting as standard (internal fork pocket dimensions: 154 x 74 mm)
  • Smooth surfaces for quick and simple brush cleaning
  • Optimum sweeping performance, including on uneven surfaces
Additional options:
  • Wheel and telescopic loader or excavator mounting
  • Shovel or bale clamp attachment
  • Height-adjustable pushing blade and polyurethane scraper rail
  • »Robust« levelling blade with scraper rail made from highly wear-resistant HB450 steel or polyurethane
  • Angled pushing blade with robust polyurethane scraper rail (ideal for winter use)
  • Four additional brush rows
  • Skid for adjusting height of brush rows
  • Sweeper adjustment aid
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