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M-section 6'' with connector - Perrot (150mm)

Item #: GFZXXX061084

6'' - Perrot

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M-section with hose connector and O-ring »galvanized« - Perrot system

This system has a movable ring on the M-section to which the lever is attached. The V-section has a cone and consists of only one part.
To determine the size of the Perrot coupling, measure either the outer diameter of the V-section or the inner diameter of the M-section. The coupling hose connector is measured on the outer or on the inner hose diameter.
  • Size: 6"
  • Coupling head: 159 mm
  • Hose connector: 150 mm
  • Hose size: 159 mm  
  •  Inner dimension: 203.5 mm  
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