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Oil motor

Item #: HMTDAN100030

OMS 80 / Ø 32

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Oil motor
OMS 80 / Ø 32
  • Maximum torque: 20 daNm
  • Maxumum output: 16 kW
  • Maximum pressure drop: 175 bar
  • Maximum oil flow: 60 I/M
  • Flange: 4
  • Hole spacing: 106,7mm 
Suitable for: agricultural and forestry machines, construction machines, cranes and lifting platforms  
These motors serve for the transformation of hydraulic energy to mechanical work.
After the determination of the set rotation speed and the rated torque of the consumer, the promotional volume can be determined with the help of the throughput and the oil pressure. The fundamental parts of a low-speed motor are the housing, the stator and a rotor. The relative movement of the both elements is a rotational movement. At this, the circular path of the rotor arround the center of the stator is described.
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