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Fliegl Flow Control (FFC) - flow meter control “pack 4”

Item #: GFZXXX100143

"6"" / digital (complete) / Optiflux 2300"

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FCC flow meter control unit - digital In addition to the flow meter, a turbo filler (centrifugal pump) with a hydraulic motor is mounted on the rear of the manure tank. The desired volume flow can be set on the ISOBUS display (m³/min.) and the hydraulic motor precisely regulates the speed of the centrifugal pump. This precise control is achieved by means of a stepper motor valve. The valve slide is controlled very accurately by stepper motor via a toothed rack and gear wheel. This makes it possible to drive across the field at a uniform speed. Application is independent of the motor speed. »Full throttle« is not required for application; shows m³/ha and m³/min.; with automatic control of m³/min. (This ensures that the pressure and exact crossways spreading always remain the same). TECU is required for the driving speed on the ISOBUS; driving suggestion to achieve a set amount of m³/ha is displayed; also for vacuum tank. Version: 5 inches Application rate: about 3000 l/min. Suitable for all tanks, even vacuum tanks Precondition: Tractor with load-sensing system Consisting of: Oil motor with sensor Turbo filler for application With cable ISOBUS job computer Without display